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The young actors had started their careers with Television series so when they started booking movies, it was a big deal. You see, in the Philippines, being able to purchase a ticket and go watch a movie is a luxury unlike here in the US where many can afford it. So, when you start to book roles in films, this means that you have truly stepped up your game. When Liza booked her role on JUST THE WAY YOU ARE, it was an important moment in her career because “it means you have the capability of selling a movie, of having people pay to watch you,” she explained.

Over the years, both actors overcame their shyness as they focused their energy into being the best they could be. Using every day and every project as a new experience that propels them forward, the motivated couple has crossed barriers and overcome much. For Liza, each role has brought her a different identity during the eight to nine months period of filming. As she put it excitedly, “and when we are done filming, it’s like I can’t get out of the character or separate from it for a good month.” Enrique nodded in agreement with a beaming smile as if the proudest boyfriend out there. The love and support between these two is unreal and when working on set together, it shows.

Both talking at the same time, eager to share with the world how well they know each other, Liza and Enrique explained how they can now help bounce off each other when doing a scene. The Philippines is big on drama series and so when they find themselves doing many sequences a day that may involve having to cry over and over again. “Of course after the 6th or 7th scene it is hard to feel that same emotion so, for some reason, we are able to just look at each other and start crying,” shared Liza. “Now we just say one thing, whisper one thing and it gets us crying like let’s go, let’s go. We matured more. We can feel each other,” continued Enrique. Now that is what we call true connection!(READ MORE HERE)


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