Essential Undergarments Every Woman Should Own

Your undergarments are like a basis for your clothes. They can either make or break your outfit, depending on what you are wearing and on which occasion. That means choosing undergarments that are comfortable and functional. For instance, as much as you have a go-to-work bra, you should also have that occasional sexy bra. It is always nice to have a variety of undergarments, depending on the occasion. So here is a list of essential undergarments every woman should have in their closet.

A Set of Matching Bra and Panty

Whether you are single or have a partner, every woman needs that matching panties and bra set. It is that set where when you stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself, you feel sexy. Even if no one will see it, just going throughout your day knowing what you have worn is enough to boost your confidence. Furthermore, it does not have to be an everyday thing. You can start small by buying a set or two and continue adding more pieces to your closet with time.

Cotton Panty

Another basic undergarment every woman should have is cotton panties. Cotton panties are great at preventing infections, hence good for your vaginal health. An infection like yeast can be very uncomfortable, and if not treated, it can severely damage one’s health. Pure cotton panties are breathable, hence effective in preventing the growth of yeast. In addition, pure cotton is hypoallergenic. This is for people who have sensitive skin that reacts with most materials. Therefore, you will not get any rashes or suffer other allergic reactions in your pelvic area when you wear cotton panties.

A T-shirt Bra

A T-shirt bra is an everyday undergarment that you can wear with shirts, blouses, dresses, tops, and any other outfit. In fact, you probably need to have several t-shirt bras in your closet. Due to their seamless cups, these bras provide a smooth appearance to whatever outfit you are wearing. You can also choose the kind of coverage you want, whether full, medium, or semi-coverage. This is a bra that Lulalu reminds every woman to get in as many shades as possible.


Thongs are very sexy, despite their low comfort level. However, before you label them uncomfortable, why not give them a try first. Most women who wear thongs admit they are more comfortable than they look. The fabric may slide between your bum, and initially, it may feel uncomfortable. But soon, you get used to it and forget that it is even there. Also, there are various thong fabrics, so you should ensure you pick a material you find comfortable.


The last undergarment you should have is shapewear. These undergarments work like miracles. It gives you an evenly toned body when wearing a fitted dress. As long you choose the proper shapewear for your body, this little miracle worker acts as a live photoshop.

These are a few of the basic undergarments a woman should have. You should also get seamless panties, a nude bra, lingerie, and a bralette. And now that you know what to get, you can start stocking your closet.

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