General Hospital Previews: May 30 – June 3, 2022

*Encore* Episode: MONDAY, MAY 30th (Original airdate TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2021):
Sonny and Carly are concerned about Michael. Willow vents to Sasha. Brook Lynn confronts Gladys. Spencer ponders his prospects with Esme. Ned turns to Austin for advice.

Britt, Brad, Drew, Brook Lynn, Chase and others gather in their summer best at the Metro Court Pool for a Society Setups event. Emotions run hot at the courthouse for the visitation hearing. Ava and Laura talk over target practice. Esme finds a vulnerable Nikolas drinking alone. Terry helps Chet make a tough decision.

The judge makes her verdict in Nina’s visitation hearing. As the cocktails flow, Britt causes a scene at the Society Setups event before things take a drastic turn. Carly learns the truth. Nikolas and Esme are tempted. Sparks fly as Anna challenges Valentin.

Upset Britt urges Dante to make an arrest while Maxie, Sam, Spinelli, Brad, Brook Lynn and Chase look on. As Carly, Michael and Willow process the ruling, Drew approaches. Sonny worries when he can’t reach Nina. Spencer and Ava look for Esme and Nikolas. In the park with Wiley, Josslyn takes action.

Sonny makes a discovery. Sam’s surprised by what she hears about Dante. Josslyn asks Cameron if they can talk. Awkwardness pervades when Portia and Taggert open the door to Rory and Trina. Ava notes that Nikolas is acting strange.

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