Perhaps A Periwinkle Peonies Wallpaper For The Dining Room

I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do with our dining room wallpaper. I love the one that’s in it now and it has always been a joke that we bought the house because of the wallpaper in the formal dining room. I love it because it’s floral, textured, and it invokes Victorian-era which I love in books, historical context, and decors. However, one of our cats scratched a couple of spots and now there are some torn wallpaper parts and it’s driving me nuts. Now I’m in the process of going back and forth. Should I strip the whole thing down and paint the walls plain white, beige or cream? Or, replace it with another wallpaper?

I saw this Periwinkle Wallpaper with a pop of blue in large blooms of peonies and yellow buds. It is GORGEOUS! I love peonies and I love blue. This print is bright, light, and so inviting. I can just imagine our dining room being so inviting with this wallpaper. It will open up the dining room and will keep it bright and refreshing. I like that the background is white with prints of large peonies plus the delicate yellow touch. Reading the information on the store website it says the wallpaper is made of special blend of synthetic fibers which makes it easy to hang and most importantly tear resistant. That sounds good to me.

I wasn’t a wallpaper kind of person before we moved into our house 7 years ago. But, the wallpaper in the dining room converted me. Now here I am thinking of replacing the one already in there. This peonies print is definitely a good factor in my decision-making.

Dexie Jane

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