Liza Soberano For MEGA Magazine August 2023

Liza Soberano opens up about her hopes and anxieties as she goes back in front of the camera—and finds out what it’s like to be behind it. Less than three months ago, Soberano took a break from the world that has placed her on a pedestal for more than a decade. But it’s not to say she hit the pause button and bummed her way through those days.

During the break, Soberano was busy working on many of the endeavors she has been thinking of pursuing for a long time now. This includes learning how to direct, write, and produce different projects.

It took a while, but Soberano has found the perfect spot in her big and unbalanced worlds. The time it took to get there was one that was tainted with a bit of disquiet. See, Soberano likes routine and certainty—and these two that have been thrown out the window in the past few months.

“I always had a hard time accepting change just because my whole childhood was always very unstable,” she opens up. Soberano was born and raised in the United States. She was 10 years old when she moved to the Philippines with her father, who is a Filipino. Her mother, an American, stayed in the United States with her other siblings. At 12, she started modeling, and before she had turned 13, she already tried her hand at acting.

“When I started working, that’s when I started getting a sense of stability,” she recalls.

“For a time, it was very disheartening because I really, truly, felt misunderstood by every single person,” she says, looking back at those days when people hounded her for the things she said after she had left her former network. “For a time, the walls were definitely up. People wanted to interview me, but I didn’t want to speak. I felt like there was no point in defending myself because they were not going to understand me anyway or they were going to choose to believe in what they wanted to believe. But I think I made the conscious decision—probably like two or three months ago, after I was able to fully process the situation—to just be my authentic self at all times.” (IMAGES/SOURCE: MEGA | CLICK TO READ FULL ARTICLE)

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