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The name Maja Salvador rings a choir of bells for the Filipino film and TV-viewing public, but more often than not, it’s hidden under the guise of many roles. After all, the multi-faceted performer has graced the screen for two decades now, and Maja is who can likely be deemed a poster child of household names.

But in the sea of credentials that name her as Cara, Trisha, Ivy, or what have you, her dream role stands on unfamiliar territory, and one she’s only recently held: Maja, as the happily married woman.

Something Old, Something New
Much in the ways of the industry, her years of filling the shoes of several fictional personas came with a slew of love team partnerships. Reality, however, has handed her a permanent life partner in the form of Rambo Nuñez, who she affectionally calls “Bo.” But like the teleseryes she stars in, their relationship came with a helping of plot twists, along with a touch of starry-eyed destiny grounded in reality.

The pair’s romance began sometime in 2010, when a budding spark developed into a connection that lasted a few months. Life, however, got in the way, as a committed relationship was placed on the back burner in exchange for responsibilities that two twentysomethings had to grapple with—one being an artista, and the other with his business ventures.

But in 2018, several random run-ins with each other felt like glaring signs that, in hindsight, were likely providence at work. After glimpses at airports and an Instagram DM that was met with silence, a chance meeting at a gym would lead Rambo to ask whether or not she still had the same number. The rest was history, and fate would soon guide them to the picturesque island of Bali, Indonesia, where the two would exchange their wedding vows.

Maja muses about these slices of fate years later. “Minsan kasi, pag sinabi mo ‘destiny,’ ’yun ’yung napapanood natin sa pelikula. But we need to admit na, iba ang reality. ’Pag nanonood ka ng mga TV series, parang ang sarap ma-in love,” she says.

“Ang totoo kasi, part [ang conflict] ng mga relationship, and depende ’yan kung gaano ka committed sa partner mo, sa sarili mo, sa promise mo ’dun sa relationship mo, [at] sa responsibilities and obligations mo. So, yes, I do believe in destiny, pero may kasamang kilos at galaw.” (IMAGES/SOURCE: PREVIEW PH | CLICK TO READ FULL ARTICLE)

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