#Throwback: Trivia On How Marian Rivera Started Her Showbiz Journey

I wrote about this discovery on Marian Rivera back in 2011 under the old FIS blog. I don’t know how it came to be but for some reason I thought about this trivia on Marian and her former manager, Popoy “Momsie” Caritativo this week. It’s really quite impressive and so Marian Rivera, the independent determined take-charge intelligent empowered woman that she is. For a background story;

FROM 2011 post: if you are one of Marian’s millions of fans all over the world then you should know that she was first discovered by TAPE INC’s Malou Fagar. She was searching for a perfect leading lady for Oyo Boy Sotto and was looking around for the girl in the TV commercial of Splash Skin White. Malou asked Popoy if he knew her and could he please find her. Lo and behold, Marian was in front of Popoy’s face. But see, there’s more to the story. Apparently, Marian was actually under another advertising agent so Popoy couldn’t sign her yet so he told Marian to finish her contract with that agency then find him when it’s finished. A week after that conversation, Marian sent Popoy an envelope containing a release contract from the other agency.

Apparently, Marian called her brilliant Mother in London who advised her to hire a lawyer and deal with the ad agency. It turns out, that agency owed Marian a huge amount of money. Smartypants Marian offered to write off what the agency owed her in exchange of her release. Marian Rivera negotiated a contract release on her own. That’s how Marian became one of Popoy Caritativo’s talent.

I bet you that ad agency had been regretting the day they signed that release.. LOL!

(Screenshot Scans: Luminary Facebook)

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