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WANTED: Free Makeover For My Kitchen AKA The Compromise


I love our house. It’s not one of those newly built homes with all the high-tech/modern amenities known to men. It was built around the 70′s. Nevertheless, it has everything I’ve wanted in a house. 2-story home with lots of space, 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, an office, a large living room, library, fireplace, a formal dining room, a garage, an attic, a deck, large backyard, a large frontyard, ample storage space, and a nice kitchen. Ah, the kitchen. As a person who LOVES to cook and a foodblogger to boot, you’d expect that I’d be buying a house with a dreamy kitchen.

When I’m pinning stuff in my Pinterest, I find myself drawn to the kitchen pictures. You can hear me oooh and ahhhhh at every picture while I click “pin.” My dream kitchen would have to have the upgraded appliances starting from the gas stove, fridge, oven, microwave, double sink, and dishwasher. A granite countertop, a long island with chairs, and enough cabinets and drawwers to drive me insane. A corner nook for a mini bar, of course. My dream kitchen is also going to have a big space for a dine-in table. The formal dining room would be in a separate room next to the kitchen. I have a dream look for that too but that’s another post on its own.(Feistycook, 2012)

Well, I didn’t get that kitchen with our house. I had to forget my dream kitchen in favor of the location(didn’t have to move to a different school district) and price of the house. We got an AWESOME deal with our house considering the HUGE space that came with it. Our loan is basically the exact price of the house so there were no extra moolah to play around with to do anything with the kitchen. I’ve called my kitchen THE COMPROMISE. I didn’t have a problem at all purchasing our home because of the small kitchen. I just found it ironic that of all the things I’d be willing to sacrifice when we finally signed our lives to a mortgage plan, it is my dream kitchen. In fact, it was this one detail that my husband and I laughed about during the whole process of buying our first and most probably our last home. I mentioned the latter because unless I win the lottery tomorrow or next month or next year, we WILL grow old in this house.

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Autism Daddy Works For Sesame Street

When Emma got her official diagnosis back in 2012, I turned to blogs for some sort of support, community and loads of relatable information. These blogs don’t know me at all but I’ve read and read and read and continue to read their stories. Autism Daddy is one of those blogs that my husband and I have followed thru his blog and Facebook page. His “Letter to the Dads that left because of Autism” resonated quite clearly to Scott. Not that we were on the verge of divorcing or anything but that post somewhat helped us get even stronger in facing this journey together with our children. Now the big news in the Autism community is that Autism Daddy works for Sesame Street. He just recently revealed this information after blogging anonymously about Autism for years.


Sesame Street is about to launch an Autism outreach initiative and Autism Daddy is part of the production. HOW AMAZING!!

For the last year I’ve been working on an outreach initiative here at Sesame that deals with autism.

Sesame has a long successful line of amazing outreach initiatives over the years.

For example, Sesame recently produced an initiative to help kids with incarcerated parents (

Sesame also recently produced an initiative to help military families.

And now, next month, in October sesame will be launching its autism outreach initiative, Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children, to help autism families and the general public.

And I was heavily involved in the production of all the video segments that you will see next month. I was the Sesame producer and helped to find a few amazing filmmakers who found some truly beautiful autism families. And together with a team of other folks at sesame I feel that we’ve created a really great music video to an extremely catchy tune which hopefully you will be know all the words to and will humming in your sleep next month and several films that follow a few autism families stories that I expect tons of you to relate to. (SOURCE)

Follow Autism Daddy on Facebook and his blog for more news on this Sesame Street Autism venture.

(Image: Sesame Street)


A Homemade Wreath, White Frames, Gourds, & Antlers For My Fall Mantel


I saw a lot of white pumpkins on Instagram. I guess that’s the Fall decor trend this year. Rebel that I am I’ve decided to stick to my guns of not always following the trends. It’s the same philosophy I have when it comes to fashion. I wear what I like and what I consider chic and comfortable. When I was formulating an idea for my fall mantel I knew I wanted white but not pumpkins. I happen to have white frames and white spray painted W letter. I figured that would be my decor base then add orange, yellow, and brown tones around it. VOILA, this is what I’ve come up with. Like I said in my Instagram, this is pretty basic. Nothing extravagant, no unnecessary frills. I love Fall season and I could easily see myself going overboard with everything. ALAS, I edited myself and stuck to something clean and straight forward Fall Mantel decor.

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Because A Fall Boots Pictorial Never Hurt Anyone………


If it does then I don’t know what to tell you. #SORRYNOTSORRY


I bought this pair of Bamboo Chain Chunky Heel Knee-High Boots from UrbanOG back in June for $18.22. It’s not available on their website anymore but you can find it at Make Me Chic for $41.50.


I’ve had it since June. That should tell you how much I’ve been waiting for Fall season. Not that I need another pair of Fall boots of course but who really needs another pair of shoes and actually says OK I won’t buy shoes anymore? NO ONE!!!


And she’s spent. I’m going to air out this new pair tomorrow and will try to take pictures of my OOTD.


First Day Of Fall, HOORAY!!


To celebrate Autumn Equinox which I have been waiting for months, here’s a simple vignette in the foyer. Just faux fall leaves in the vase to give it that height and sense of Fall season. I’ll have more fall vignettes in the house that I’ll be sharing soon. I’m working on my mantel and fall wreathe right now so they’ll be up next in a few days. Oh Autumn, how do I love thee….





Plaid Flannel Shirt Dress & Boots Look From Forever21

Oh how I’ve missed putting together an outfit that’s so budget-friendly. If you knowME, I’m all about looking stylish without losing your grocery money coz well, I happen to love looking stylish and doing groceries. There’s no reason I should lose 1 over the other. It’s all about finding just the right item with an awesome sale price. That my friends is how I like my OOTDs.

I was inspired by the plaid shirt dress look from the my favorite fall looks compilation from a few weeks ago so I’ve come up with something similar. All items were from Forever21 so you know this is a look for less that’s right on the money and chic meter.


Plaid Flannel Shirt Dress, $22.90
Knee-High Faux Leather Boots, $44.80
Zipped Faux Leather Satchel, $27.90
Braided Feather Charm Necklace, $4.90
Faux Gemstone Bangle Set, $9.90


5 Forever21 Under $30 Jackets For Fall

It’s getting chilly around here especially in the early morning when I’m waiting for the school bus to pick up Emma. It’s not consistent throughout the day though but I’m sure it will be soon as Autumn Equinox rolls in. I’m thinking jackets. Pretty and stylish jackets for Fall that would transition nicely to winter here in NC. I love these 5 coats from Forever21. They’re chic and under $30 each. SCORE!!


Button-Front Peacoat, $29.90. The must-have peacoat. It’s available in black too but I love the taupe and burgundy colors. Less than $30? That’s an awesome deal.

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Flora•Py’s New Floral Therapy Facial Sheet Masks


Flora•py Beauty is proud to introduce its new collection of eight flower therapy facial sheet masks that combine flower essences and aromatherapy into a hydrating one-time-use sheet mask.

Made from 100% coconut fiber and soaked with healing flowers and essential oils, this soft gel-like sheet mask conforms easily to the face, imparting its hydrating powers to help renew and replenish the skin.

By using a coconut material, Flora•py masks can hold 5x their own weight in water. They adhere gently to the surface of the skin, to ensure all of the benefits infused in the mask are absorbed into the skin. Most users see an 8-10 percent increase in skin hydration after the first use.

“In today’s hustle and bustle, finding 15 minutes to relax and unwind isn’t always the easiest, our goal with Flora•py is to treat the skin, while creating a relaxing mind/body experience for the user,” Kristen O’Connell, Creator/Brand Manager said. “With Flora•py users can select their sheet mask based on their mood and/or skin type. This easy-to-use at home spa experience provides instant deep hydration to the skin, while offering soothing and relaxing aromatherapy to empower mind/body balance.”

With no mess or unpleasant smell, users experience a refreshing spa-like facial treatment with the added benefit of 8 different aromatherapy scents, including:

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PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2016

The top ten colors for men’s and women’s fashion for Spring 2016 are:

  • PANTONE 13-1520 Rose Quartz
  • PANTONE 16-1548 Peach Echo
  • PANTONE 15-3919 Serenity
  • PANTONE 19-4049 Snorkel Blue
  • PANTONE 12-0752 Buttercup
  • PANTONE 13-4810 Limpet Shell
  • PANTONE 16-3905 Lilac Gray
  • PANTONE 17-1564 Fiesta
  • PANTONE 15-1040 Iced Coffee
  • PANTONE 15-0146 Green Flash

Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute

Influenced by the world of art, new global doors opening and the desire to disconnect from technology and unwind, designers this season have gravitated toward a palette that is first and foremost calming. Paying homage to the beauty of natural resources, colors emerging in the Spring collections serve as vehicles that transport wearers to more tranquil, mindful environs which encourage relaxation first, followed by curiosity and exploration.

Designers were also inspired by the contrast of urban design and lush vegetation, leading to unexpected color combinations and collections reminiscent of architecture, travel and nostalgia. By creating looks that truly represent the world we live in, both constructed and organic, designers sought to awaken a sense of reflection, followed by playful escapism. Artists, many of whom are known for bold color usage and strong shapes and lines, played an influential role in this season’s styles – from Matisse, Picasso and Frank Stella to Esther Stewart and Sam Falls. With Cuba and other destinations south of the border top of mind, designers are playing with courageous color statements that aren’t afraid to be vibrant but at the same time are combined with quieting, classic and more natural tones.

“Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “With our culture still surrounded by so much uncertainty, we are continuing to yearn for those softer shades that offer a sense of calm and relaxation.”

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Have Any Of These Happened To You?


Our dinner conversation last night went like this…

Caine: (Took a nap after school) I was reading something on my phone and it kept falling on my face so I decided to take a short nap.

DAD: That happens to me when I’m looking for something on Netflix and I keep dozing off so I keep dropping the remote.

MOM: Sometimes I fall asleep on the couch while holding my phone then I suddenly wake up and catch myself, “shoot, did I just tweet something stupid

Gotta love technology and short naps!


I’ve FALLen In Love With These Pine Cones


For the past couple of days I have been collecting fresh pine cones from the backyard. Every time I hear a pine cone drop from the trees outback I get all excited. I’ve finally collected enough to spread around the house as Fall decors so last night I washed the pine cones thoroughly with water. I’ve read online to use part vinegar part rubbing alcohol with water. I didn’t go that route because I didn’t want to waste my vinegar and rubbing alcohol, HAH! Water was perfectly fine in my opinion.

Pine cones would naturally close up because of the cold and moisture. To open them up, I preheated the oven to 200°. I lined a sheet pan with foil then placed some of the pine cones in the pan then stuck them in the oven to basically toast until they opened back up. I can’t tell you how long they have to be in the oven. I didn’t bother timing them. Just keep checking after a few seconds. Move and flip them around too. Take them out once they’ve fully opened up then repeat the process with the next batches.

The aroma in the kitchen last night was HEAVENLY!! It was worth getting bitten by bugs while I picked the pine cones a few days ago :).

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These Hershey’s And Reese’s Pieces Commercials Are The Devil

Yes they are. Especially when you’re out of your chocolate stash in the middle of your emotional PMS days. Oh My god, the torture. Or when you’re in bed at midnight and then these commercials come on, ARRGGH! These are the worst times ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Hershey’s, Reese’s, and ALL the chocolate creation known to man but please, unless you’re giving me a lifetime supply of ‘em, stop torturing me on the worst times of the day. Thank You!


#ThriftStoreFinds: Set Of 2 Foliage Frames For The Foyer


I finally found the perfect frames that would go nicely with the mirror, shelf, and decors in the foyer last Friday. Every time I visit a thrift store I’m always looking for something that would match the whole entryway look. Scott had to do something in Benson last week so I tagged along. After that we drove around a bit to see what’s in Benson since the only time we were there is when we’re at Pizza Hut and that’s mostly at night time. We found a place called Korner Flea Market. Ah, that place is a goldmine. Too many good stuff that I could get my hands on if I have extra moolah, HAH! I will definitely go back there again when I do have extra to spend.

Anyway, I found these foliage frames that were originally $22. The lady said she’ll sell us the items from that particular section of the store really cheap. That would have been the best time to haggle for everything but of course it wouldn’t feel right. Scott asked if she’ll take $10 for the frames and the lady agreed so, SOLD. The frames are wood and the combination of foliage print is paint and etchings. I just know they would be perfect for the foyer and they are.


I planned on putting a similar kind of foliage in the floral vase to give it some elevated and flowing look. It won’t be the exact same thing like the one on the frames because that’s probably hard to find but something tall, vine-ish, and most preferably along the lines of Fall decors. And yes, it would probably be plastic just so it would last for the entire Fall season. Then I will just update it to match the holidays and other upcoming seasons. That’s my new plan for this foyer.

More pictures of the completed look of this part of the foyer, after the fold.

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My Favorite Fall Looks

We’re still experiencing this intolerable heat but Fall season is fast approaching and I just cannot wait to start strutting my Fall ensembles. I don’t know where since I don’t really go anywhere interesting but I sure could walk around my house looking all spiffy like I just came out of a magazine, granted they’re my signature look-for-less version of course. In any event, while I wait for the Autumn Equinox to roll in and hoping that the weather is cool enough to actually wear boots on that day, September 23rd to be exact, here are some of my favorite Fall OOTDs throughout the years that I’m excited to tweak and update this season. I hope you’re inspired by them and get ideas for your own stylish Fall outfits. Enjoy!


Levi’s denim jacket, shift dress, and black tote.


Levi’s denim jacket over tunic sweater, black leggings, black knee-high boots, knitted scarf, and long-strand bead necklace.

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Ralph & Russo Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 2015-2016



Check out more of Ralph & Russo Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 2015-2016 during Paris Fashion Week after the fold.

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