#NaBloPoMo 25: Little Miss Chatty

The best time(or maybe not) to talk to Miss Emma is after school. She goes non-verbal at school and absorbs everything that as soon as she gets home she will talk nonstop. Everything she wanted to say at school suddenly comes pouring out of her little chatty mouth once she’s off the bus. Today’s marathon talk went like this:


I have a new classmate. His name is N______.

I have a new classmate. His name is C______. He’s 11. He left and forgot his turkey hat.

Yah. My classmate N______. He has two Moms.

Mrs. Lee said we couldn’t go outside. It’s raining. It’s no playground day.

Did you get groceries? (We just got some a few days ago. I got you a danish).

Oooohh, a danish.