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My Thanksgiving Day Menu “Spreadsheet”

A friend of mine asked if I made a spreadsheet of my Thanksgiving Day menu like this Supermom featured by Mashable.


Well, first and foremost, I’m not quite the Supermom, far from it. Second, I actually made my own kind of “spreadsheet” using my trusted notebook. The kind you buy during Back-To-School shopping and I happen to have a few handy because it helps me remember things better when I write them down.




My Thanksgiving Day plan is not as cool as what the Mashable Supermom created but this works for me. Pardon the bad penmanship that only I can understand, the typos, and messy lines. Somehow these pages will get me through Thanksgiving Day. How about you, did you make a spreadsheet?


7 Cute Canvas Shoes From ShoesPie

I know it’s boots season but I saw these canvas shoes in my e-mail and just loved how adorable they are. If you can’t wear them this season you can always save them for next spring or summer. Honestly though, I wouldn’t mind rocking one of these pairs this Fall too. Think of a light sweater top with cuffed jeans to go with any of these canvas shoes. Chic, no?

Pastoral Style Flower Print Lace-Up Canvas Shoes
, $55.69

Print Patchwork Lace-Up Canvas Shoes
, $35.19

Sweet Girl Flower Print Lace-Up Canvas Shoes
, $66.99

Artistic Flower Print Lace-Up Canvas Shoes
, $63.49

Print Patchwork Lace-Up Canvas Shoes
, $35.19

New Fashion Leopard Print Outdoor Wearing Canvas Shoes
, $63.69

Shoespie Sweet Style Canvas Shoes
, $55.99


Zoolander 2, Oh Boy!

This is classic Zoolander humor. Can’t wait!

50 free prints


Beau-coup & Swoozie’s Online Sales For Black Friday and Cyber Monday


As much as I love shopping for sales and amazing good deals I’m really not into navigating the store chaos during Black Friday. I’d much rather shop online. If you’re like me then bookmark these sales from Beau-Coup and Swoozie. Shop in the comfort of your home for lovely Christmas gifts. Pajamas are most definitely optional.

Beau-coup Black Friday:
20% off $99+ at the Beau-coup party supplies, gifts & decor store.

Swoozie’s Pre-Thanksgiving:
Save 20% at Swoozie’s on all gifts & decor. Pre-Thanksgiving Sale.

Beau-coup Cyber Monday:
20% off + Free Shipping + Doorbusters at Beau-coup gifts, decor & favors.

Swoozie’s Cyber Monday:
Cyber Monday – 20% off & free shipping. Click here to find out more.

Beau-coup – Up to 25% off:
Have a "ball" save 25% off $149+ on Beau-coup gifts & favors.


I Will Make My Own Version Of “Scrapbox”

I was one of the many scrapbookers/crafters who went “WOW” when a video of the The Original Scrapbox went viral on Facebook. Who wouldn’t? This is some serious box right here.

I know a few things that I am sure of in my side of the world called, REALITY. First, I can’t afford to buy the Scrapbox. Second, if I have $1,685 in my pocket, I wouldn’t blow it on the Scrapbox. As much as I would love to have that in my office there is just NO WAY, no how, nothing that would ever make sense in my life that says, sure buy it.

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Cleaning and Organizing Your House before having a Baby

Cleaning and Organizing Your House before having a Baby


The days before your baby comes home can be quite hectic. So much to do, so little time! Where should you get started?


A thorough cleaning is most definitely essential, especially because you’ll lack the time to do deep cleaning and organization after the little one comes home. So, before getting a chance to hug and kiss your bundle of joy, try doing the following things to get your house ready.

Organize All of the Essentials

The tiniest member of your family is the one that will need the biggest number of items. In order to clean and organize the house, you need to have the nursery ready. Put away all of the purchases, assemble the crib and other furniture and finalize the decorations.


Do laundry one final time. All of the baby clothes have to be washed and folded before you welcome the newest member of your family. Keep in mind that cleaning the clothes of a newborn will necessitate gentle cleaning products that are free from harsh chemicals and fragrances.

Choose the Right Cleaning Products

You may want to reconsider the use of certain products for household cleaning purposes. Some moms scrub and bleach just about every surface in the home but such practices could be harmful.


Harsh detergents and household cleaners can contribute to a range of health problems. Exposure to such products could lead to airway irritation and asthma-like symptoms, eczema and skin irritation, eye irritation, allergies and even poisoning.


This sounds harsh but don’t freak out! A very basic change will enable you to keep your house clean without jeopardizing the health of your baby. The market features many safe household cleaner varieties. These are either chemical-free or they contain substances that don’t cause irritation and health problems.


You can also make cleaning solutions at home. These are quick, easy and probably the safest option you’ll ever come across.

Don’t Banish Your Pets

In their attempts to sterilize the home, many to-be parents do everything in their power to keep dirt and grime out of the house. The measures may even involve banishing the house pets and finding them a new owner.


As we’ve already pointed out, excessive cleaning can actually be harmful. Maintaining the impossible standards of cleanliness in the long run is going to be impossible. In addition, newborns and pets can coexist. Studies suggest that kids raised together with pets are less likely to become allergic than the children raised in a home that’s maintained perfectly clean 24/7.


All that you have to do is vacuum clean the house frequently. A powerful vacuum that has a HEPA filter will keep the hair and the pet dander away from your newborn.

Prepare Yourself for Diaper Odor

Keeping your house smelling clean and fresh after the birth is going to be somewhat challenging. Even if you have time for thorough scrubbing, dealing with diaper smell could prove to be an almost impossible task. 


Stock up on deodorizing products. A good diaper pail will also be needed to control odor as much as possible. 


If you don’t want to opt for artificial scents, look into buying an air purification system. The appliance is going to help you get rid of the unpleasant odor and it will also be great for improving indoor air quality.

Wash the Windows

Get the windows cleaned, this may be the last time in a very long period that you’ll get the opportunity to deal with the task. Your hubby can handle the chore or alternatively, you may want to hire professional cleaners. Such services are quite affordable, they’ll save you a lot of time and give you impeccable results.

Babyproof Everything

The final and probably the most important task is getting the house babyproofed. This step will typically have to take place when your baby begins crawling around and touching everything. Chances are, however, that you’re not going to have the time for babyproofing when the little one comes home.


Babyproofing could seem like an overwhelming task. When shopping, you’ll come across dozens of child safety products (some of them effective, others completely ridiculous). You’ll probably find it incredibly difficult to choose the right items and avoid purchasing all of the unnecessary contraptions.


When babyproofing, it’s very important to take a look at your house and identify the biggest safety hazards. Having a good idea about the ways in which your kid could be harmed will simplify the task of child proofing and doing everything necessary without going overboard.


By Cliff Derksen, owner of First Impressions Janitorial, a Winnipeg commercial cleaning company (


Jennifer Lawrence For VOGUE December 2015



Jennifer Lawrence SLAYS At The Red Carpet







(Various Sources: Instagram)


“Finding Dory” Trailer

Who’s excited about the “Finding Dory” movie? I am. :)


Emma’s Room BEFORE A Makeover


I took these pictures of Emma’s room back in September. I figured I’d savor the moment it’s actually organized and clean, sort of. I couldn’t decide whether I should share it or not because we’ve planned on getting her a bigger TV this Christmas plus I also want to paint her dresser and shelf. I want them all white. I’m sharing them now for a BEFORE look and then just share the new look most probably in early 2016. Not much of a makeover really because the TV is only getting bigger and her furniture will just be painted white. I can’t paint them right now since we got the rain back and it’s supposed to last until Tuesday. Even after that the ground would still be wet so I’ll just wait until it’s completely dry and there’s sunshine.

So here you go. Nothing fancy that’s fit for those interior magazines or designing shows or those perfectly decorated rooms on Instagram, HAH! I call it organized, functional, and realistic picture of a girl’s room(when it’s organized for a blog post) AND she likes it. That’s all that matters. More pictures after the fold.

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Take It Away, Ms. Bridget

I completely forgot to post yesterday to keep up with NaBloPoMo and it was only the 8th day, FIGURES! However, it’s still early in the game and that’s just 1 missed day so I should still be ok. I’m making it up today with this classic clip from Bridget Jones Diary. Why? Well, because Scott starts his new job today which brings us back to regular schedule in the household. He’s finally out of the graveyard shift. Bridget Jones will keep me company.

This is for Sunday post. I’ll blog again later for Monday so my NaBloPoMo should be back in regular schedule too. YAY!


Laid-Back Saturday At Casa Wharton

After a hearty breakfast of bacon and omelet I’ve decided to workout for 2 hours while Scott and Caine went into the woods to move Scott’s hunting stand into a different tree which is apparently a better spot. Emma at this point painted in her painting corner in the library area which I set up last night. She can’t paint in her room anymore because it’s all carpeted upstairs and well, that would be a disaster if I continue to just let her go at it with paint and brushes. I’ve always planned on finding her a spot in the corner of the library anyway since it’s easier to clean paint off of hard wood floors, HEH!


After that, we had lunch, then watched TV and dozed off a bit in the couch until it was time to make dinner of creole shrimp and garlic bread. Emma’s friend came by to play for a little bit too. After dinner and the dishes were washed, we had ice cream for dessert then watched VACATION movie on Pay Per View. Scott and I liked it. We both think it’s pretty darn hilarious and can totally stand on its own.

And that’s about it. I didn’t even bother doing laundry today. It’s just a lazy laid-back simple non-hectic non-stressful Saturday. How was yours?


Cute Corkboard For My Office

Collage Corkboard, Music Decor

I’ve changed the wall decor in my side of our home office and I think I’ll stick with it for a while. I’m not sharing it yet because there are still a couple of items that I like to add to it. One of them is a corkboard. I found a really nice one from Good Will a few months ago but I put that in Emma’s reading nook. She likes to pin and tape stuff in the wall so I figured a large corkboard would protect her wall from holes and sticky tapes.


Now I want one for myself but not as big as Emma’s. I like this Collage Corkboard, Music Decor – $28.00 from DetailsArt. I like the size and its music theme. Something different to contrast with what I’ve got going on already. The way it is also fits how I’ve arranged the gallery wall. I’m almost done with our home office. Once it’s complete I’ll share ’em with you. Just prepare to see wires, Ack!


Emma Series: She Says The Funniest Things

One of the perks, if you could call it that way, of having a child with Autism is the honest, literal, and funny way they interpret or comprehend words. These are precious and hilarious moments in our household so I figured I’d start a series here to share that laughter with you all. Hopefully it will brighten your day as it does ours. Live a little, laugh a little.


A few weeks ago I made the mistake of telling her she could do her Math addition with her eyes closed which means it’s easy therefore she could do it as easily as well. I completely forgot how she takes things literally so these days she busts my chops by doing her homework with her eyes closed, LITERALLY!


Yes it’s Fall season and a bit chilly in the morning so we wear sweaters while waiting for the bus. Well, Caine likes to wear his new thick jacket that’s meant for NC winter. In true Emma fashion, she told her brother how the Earth is hot yet he’s wearing a jacket. A sweater or a hoodie would suffice is actually what she wants to tell her brother because you know, the Earth is only hot not completely freezing. OI!


Because It’s Sweater Weather

Here are 5 cute and comfy sweaters from ModCloth that’ll help you navigate sweater weather in a chic and stylish way. Wear any of these sweaters with skinny jeans and knee high boots/boots and you’re good to go.

Get a Head Sweater
, $44.99

Snuggle up to Saturday Sweater
, $34.99

Cozy Moseying Sweater
, $34.99

Bonfire Season Sweater in Ash
, $41.99

Cafe Con Lovely Sweater
, $49.99

MyPix2Canvas 30% - Dog and Pets

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