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Tat2U Lip Crème Extreme & Body Art And Extreme Color Makeup


Lip Crème Extreme is a luscious lip gloss that is rich in color with a layer of super shine, adding depth and dimension to your lips. It goes on like lip gloss but looks like lipstick, and its full of color with a velvety feel on the lips. These new shades join the existing Lip Crème Extreme line that include: Sweet Thing – Peachy Pink with gold shimmer; Hollywood & Wine – shimmery wine; Mucho Caliente – Spicy Orange; Hearts & Flowers – Vibrant Red; Fabulosity – Shimmery Rose Pink; and LOL – Hot Pink. Lip Crème Extreme lip gloss is formulated with Cupuacu Seed Butter – from a Brazilianplant. The seed oil is both creamy and emollient. It promotes smoothness and softness, and boosts the recovery of moisture and elasticity. The formulation is highly beneficial for dry lips,promoting deep, long lasting hydration. Tat2U is unique and colorful line of makeup that allows you to express yourself for any look.

TAT2U Lip Crème Extreme – MSRP $14.00

Tat2U is an industry leader in the hot new trends of temporary body art and extreme color makeup. Tat2U Extreme Color is a line of edgy, vibrant makeup for the modern woman who wants to stand out in a crowd. Extremely pigmented and formulated with only the highest-quality ingredients, Tat2U Extreme Color is like nothing else on the market today. Extreme Color gives you choices ranging from fabulous and fun neon colors to smoldering, sultry shades or shimmery, glittery glam. TAT2U Extreme Color has something for everyone who dares to be extreme and can take your look from fun to flirty with the stroke of a brush.

The Extreme Color line, with 17 categories and approximately 175 SKU’s, includes: blush, foundation, loose glitter, shimmer powders, mascara, brow powders, matte lipstick and lip gloss products, as well as 30 shades of eye shadow, some vivid and bright, some staple shades that most women use. Also part of the Tat2u Extreme Color line is Color Play – bright neon shades of powder that can be worn in the hair as a temporary color, providing an extreme look for day or evening.

All Tat2U products, both temporary body art and Extreme Color makeup, come in brightly decorated packaging and are displayed in both point of purchase and tester units.

“The success of the Tat2U line of temporary body art made us realize that there was a much broader market for distinctive ways to make a personal statement,” says Tat2U Project Manager Kimberley Frey. “Extreme Color cosmetics are the next step, allowing modern women the flexibility to tailor their look – on a day-by-day, or even morning to evening basis – to changing situations, moods and environments. For the woman who considers her body a canvas, a place to experiment and express – and change her mind — Tat2U offers the broadest imaginable range of products and colors.”

Tat2U is a line of body art products designed for the professional makeup artist, yet can be used by anyone who wants a temporary tattoo for a special occasion or an evening on the town. Centered around the Tat2 U Ink Pens, a felt tip type pen formulated with cosmetic grade pigments for the face and body, line extensions includes Temp Tats Temporary Tattoo Transfers and other body art accessories including glitter, shimmer powder, adhesive and sealer.

“Temporary body art is the new accessory.” says Kimberley Frey. “From the runways and fashion magazine covers, it’s showing us that wearing temporary body art is like wearing makeup or jewelry and it has the virtue, unlike real tattoos, of being just as easy to remove.”

The Tat2U line also includes Temp Tats tattoo transfers available in 70 designs ranging from fun to funky, sexy to scary. All are quick, easy to apply and designed to be colored in with Tat2 U Ink Pens or embellished with any of the 16 shades of Urock cosmetic grade glitter or Urave loose shimmer powder. Using the Uglue body adhesive, the shimmers and glitter will stay on the skin until you are ready to remove them using the 2 Take Off makeup remover wipes or soap and water.



Blue By Carole: The Luxe Blue Collection


The Blue Grotto is located on the Amalfi Coast, Italy. The place of mystery where fairies and Roman Gods meet. The illumination found in the hidden coves beneath the sea casts a magnificent glow, offering a tribute to love.

Carole’s inspiration for Blue represents love, calmness, and serenity often hidden within us. The Luxe Blue collection of candles, mists and jewelry embrace the body and mind with a sense of relaxation and well-being. Designed for travel and a companion for today’s needs for stress reduction, offering the perfect inhalation therapy. How?

Simply spritz and breathe any place and everywhere.


The Empower scent with notes of mandarin, orange and basil will offer a boost of energy at days end to uplift the mood – the ultimate rejuvenation. The Purify mist engages the senses with wild sage, and cedar for relaxation and wellness-on-the-go moments.

Perfect for meditation, the Blue Purify and Empower candles with essential oil extracts combine naturally to deliver a luscious feeling of contentment to each home. Carole’s Blue jewelry collection includes a signature coin amulet as a reminder of serenity – fusing fashion, style, and spirit. Whether in a hotel room, riding in a taxi, on the way to a meeting, or lounging by the pool, making Blue part of your daily routine with help nurture, and empower the body. The Blue Collection can be found in in Barney’s NY, The Montage Spa, and other fine boutiques.



Zest Fruitboost Revitalizing Shower Gels and Smoothie Body Scrubs


Now there’s an entirely new, fresh and fruity way to feel Zestfully Clean. New Zest Fruitboost Revitalizing Shower Gels and Smoothie Body Scrubs boost the power of every shower delivering luscious, invigorating fruit scents and amazing lather at unmatched value.

Zest Fruitboost Revitalizing Shower Gels have a 2x-concentrated formula that revitalizes with moisturizers and antioxidant-rich Vitamin C. With bright, innovative, easy to grab packaging – the first of its kind in the body wash category — every Zest Fruitboost 10oz tube provides up to 40 showers*, making each quarter size-application go a long, long way for superior performance and value.

The perfect complement to these revitalizing showers gels are Zest Fruitboost Smoothie Body Scrubs which revitalize, smooth and soften skin with finely ground, natural apricot seeds that gently exfoliate, while natural avocado oils and other rich moisturizers help leave skin feeling soft and Zestfully Clean. Zest Fruitboost Shower Gels and Body Scrubs are free of parabens and phthalates.

Available in four luscious, fruit-bursting scents — Citrus Splash, Very Berry, Peach Mango, and Pomegranate Acai — Zest Fruitboost products stimulate the senses for a skin-nourishing clean and fresh feeling that lasts all day. Every bright, bold, eye-catching Zest Fruitboost product delivers outstanding performance and value, with a retail price between $3.00 to $5.00 Zest Fruitboost provides a huge boost for wallets everywhere.

“The Zest Fruitboost product innovation is in a class all its own and a unique, unmatched value,” said Nina Riley, VP of Marketing for High Ridge Brands, owner of the Zest brand. “The skin-nourishing benefits, bold fragrances, exceptional lather and stand-out packaging takes the Zest franchise and the skin cleansing category to a new level.”

Zest Fruitboost Revitalizing Shower Gels and Smoothie Body Scrubs are available nationwide at most quality retailers. For more information on Zest and additional savings, please visit



Pretty Accent Pillows

I love accent pillows but my husband doesn’t so I’ll have to live with just the 4 pillows in the big couch, 2 pillows in the love seat, and 2 pillows in the chairs. I can almost hear Scott saying that’s 8 too many, HEHE!

So, I’m just going to look at these accent pillows from DEQOR and wish they’re in my living room right now.

Rizzy Home Ivory 8688 Pillow

Rizzy Home White 8631 Pillow

Safavieh Suzanne Pillow Set of 2 – 22in. x 22in.

Rizzy Home Pink 3888 Pillow

Rizzy Home Teal 3787 Pillow

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My Kitchen Drawers Need These


A couple of my kitchen drawers need these heavy duty drawer slides. They’re the 2 drawers below the coffee maker counter top. It’s a bit tricky to open them right now. You open it too quickly and it’ll drop down fast. You do it slow and it’ll feel heavy and would make an irritating sound. The fingernails running through a chalkboard kind of sound. It just have to be the right push or pull to get the friction from the slides on point. We might end up replacing the cabinets and drawers someday though. We’re just slowly doing our home projects one at a time. Perhaps, when I win the next Powerball my kitchen will get a complete overhaul. Or move to another house, we shall see, HAH!


Under $50 Little Black Dresses For Valentine’s Day

We all know this, you can’t go wrong with a Little Black Dress whatever the occasion may be. How about these LBDs in time for Valentine’s Day? They’re under $50 each so grab a couple or all of them.

Black Hollow Out Lace Patchwork Vintage Graceful Lapel Skater Dress
, $20.95

Black Geometric Sparkling Small Lapel Bodycon Dress
, $16.95

Black Mesh Patchwork Graceful Crew Neck Bodycon Dress
, $29.95

Black Lace Up Hollow Out Dramatic Band Collar Bodycon Dress
, $15.95

Black Plain Glamorous Skater Dress
, $37.95

Feel free to add a pop of color with accessories and sexy shoes.


Mirror Mirror On The Wall…..


So, I’ve decided that I want a mirror wall gallery in my dining room. I’ve thought about this a lot after I regrammed a picture from Home Decorators on Instagram 9 weeks ago. I originally didn’t want to put anything on the dining room wall because I don’t want to distract the beautiful textured floral wallpaper but somehow I’ve convinced myself that there should be things hanging there. I don’t want anything too dramatic like a huge floral painting though. With my affinity for gallery walls, I figured mirrors would be perfect. I hope so anyway.

I created this mock up of my dining room using mirrors from Dot & Bo. They’re not exactly favorable to my price range but just for an inspiration, this is how I would style the mirror wall gallery in the dining room. My plan is to somehow recreate this look with mirrors that I would hopefully find from thrift stores.


Distressed Frame Mirror


Flourished Wall Mirror

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My Own Version Of “Scrapbox”


Holidays are over so I was finally able to organize all my scrapbooking and crafty stuff inside my own scrapbox which I made from a non-functioning cabinet that was just collecting dust in our master’s bedroom. I’ve moved the cabinet in the mini-library area of the living room and it’s been serving as my crafty area as well as Emma’s painting corner. But it was a mess until last week though.


Now everything is neatly put away in their own little sections.


I’ve recycled some of my shoeboxes as containers for scrapbook and craft supplies. They are pretty printed boxes before but I’ve decided to cover them up with the leftover brown paper wrapper that I’ve used for Christmas gifts last year. It just looks uniformed that way.


I’m so glad I’ve invested in a Cricut years ago. I only have 2 cartridges but I’m happy with them. They’re serving me well with what I need.


Seriously, 70% Off Sale At ModCloth


70% off sale at ModCloth. With that awesome sale, I would so buy these 5 lovely dresses.

Time and Grace Dress in Champagne

Great Wavelengths Dress in Black

Luck Be a Lady Dress in Fern

All for Allure Dress

Committed to Vivid Dress


This Lace Floral Accent Tunic Top Is LOVE ♥


This feminine Lace Floral Accent Tunic Top from Sassy Steals is just lovely. For only $9.99, you should get it in black and white colors. Wear it with jeans and heels for a chic office outfit which could easily transition to a date night OOTD. But you have to hurry though because with that deal this top will go really fast.

Lace Floral Accent Tunic Top – 2 Colors, $9.99


#Autism: Winning Over Homework


HOMEWORK, I can say a lot about this but I don’t want to be stressed out. Once I let myself get into that hole it will affect my child’s mood and we don’t want that. No Way No How! So we deal. We do it and get it over with. This first week of back-to-school after the holiday break has been pretty good. Doing homework hasn’t been stressful for Emma at all. I’d hate to jinx it but it’s been really good in that department.

Yesterday was a breeze despite having too much homework. I was quite impressed with how Emma did it without getting anxious or anything. She did 2 math, 1 spelling word, 1 Q & A book report, and her daily reading log. That’s 5 homework. It took us longer than usual that Scott and Caine had to wait for dinner patiently. I helped her work through all of her homework and she finished them all LIKE A BOSS!


One Quick Thought On #MakingAMurderer & The “Affluenza” Kid


I waited until after the holidays to get into this Netflix phenomenon, Making A Murderer. I started it yesterday and I am now on episode 6. Just like everyone else who’ve binge watched the documentary, I was left infuriated after each episode. I’m not going to talk about the whole thing of course since I really think people should watch it if they haven’t. Or not, whatever, your prerogative. I happen to like watching real life crime dramas like 48Hours, Dateline, and 20/20 so this was on top of my list to watch on Netflix.

It’s not my intention to give away spoilers but there’s one particular line that struck me and made me immediately think of that “Affluenza” kid, Ethan Couch.

In one of the episodes which I can’t remember now, after Steven Avery was put in custody for the murder of Teresa Halbach, Steven was on the phone with his mother. Steven gave himself 2 weeks because there he was in jail, again. Anyway in the course of his chat with his mother, Steven said, “Poor People Lose.” If you’re not familiar with Steven Avery at this point, he went to prison for sexual assault and attempted murder, maintained his innocence the whole time and after 18 years in prison thanks to DNA testing, was exonerated and got out but found himself as suspect to a murder while in the middle of a $36million lawsuit against Manitowoc County.

While I was processing those words I also immediately thought of Ethan Couch aka the “Affluenza” kid who got away from killing 4 people(and all his other shenanigans before the tragic incident that killed 4 people happened). HOW? His parents are filthy rich.

“Poor people lose.” “Affluenza” Kid. Justice System.


Our Christmas 2015



From our family to yours, we hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

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10 Stylish Party Dresses From Lulus For Under $100 Each

You are one step closer to looking fabulous at your next party. Here are 10 stylish dresses from Lulus that are under $100 each. Some of them are under $50. Good, chic, and stylish deals!

Dress Rehearsal Red Skater Dress
, $59

Your Kiss Wine Red Wrap Dress
, $86

Flirty Flapper Beige Sequin Shift Dress
, $79

Wrap-phrodisiac Ivory Dress
, $39

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#Autism: How My Daughter Views Santa Claus


We all know how Santa Claus looks like. He wears his red and white suit and he has a beard and sometimes he wears glasses. How he goes from one place to another in one day is of course beyond any of our knowledge but it is what it is, *AHEM*. Now, when you have a child who has autism and views everything in different colors well then, Santa is going to get a major makeover.


There you go. True to her love for rainbows and viewing everything in prism, this is how Santa looks like according to Emma. Give her the freedom to explore her artistic side and she will color your world as bright as you can imagine.

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